CryptoGrow Team
It takes a village to build, support, and grow a project with aspirations the scale of CryptoGrow's. Read on to meet our team, from C-Suite manufacturers to Partners, Engineer and Lawyers!

Jesse Croteau, Founder/Inventor CEO

Founder, creator, visionary inventor of CryptoGrow. When engineers get stoned, great products are born. Jesse leads the team from its hazy inception in Humboldt with clear vision into the future.

Craig Hoffart, Manufacturing/Operations COO

Over nearly 30 years, Craig has successfully grown and supported hundreds of manufactured products from new product introduction to full-scale-market integration. Craig makes sure we can easily grow weed in our living rooms.


James Yau, Agriculture CAO

I understand the pain points of perishable products and what growers endure, as we face these challenges as well. That is why we are partnering with experienced professionals to change that. Independent growers and family owned farms, have been fighting a uphill battle, and it comes down to cash-flow and account receivables. Technology is available, and we are looking for partners to make this change with us.

Chris Ward, Marketing CMO

Chris has spent his professional career creating online sales funnels, managing social platforms, and building engaged communities. He makes sure we collect enough eth to build weed machines.

Charles Binkelman, Finance/Accounting CFO

Charles has held senior positions as an auditor at an international certified public accounting firm, headed an internal consulting department of a major U.S. bank, and been a principal in national and international risk management consulting firms. His professional experience encompasses more than 800 consulting engagements and participating as financial advisor to, or finance officer of, five startups across several industries.

Futureproof, Partner

Advising and investing in the next wave of innovative brands. Eat, breathe and sleep web3. We believe in fostering a future of decentralization and empowering creators.

TailorMint, Partner

TailorMint is a strategic advising firm that exclusively supports teams with built products and charitable ambitions. Based in Washington, DC, we connect innovative teams to top talent and help build a sustainable business plan for your company.


0xAlpha, Web3 + Tokenomics Consulting Partner

A decentralized organization of anon professionals from around the world with a variety of skillsets being leveraged to educate and elevate the web3 space via their podcast, educational platform, and consulting services. Combined, they have over a decade's worth of experience with crypto.
​0xAlpha Website​


Benchmark, Manufacturing Partner

[pull bio & link from Manufacturing & Delivery]

Vegabond, Growth Advisor

Professional people connector. 10+ years operationally scaling tech startups. Making sure CryptoGrow…grows.

CozyWyatt, Cannabis Advisor & Master Grower

Cozywyatt is born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, an area famously known for its cannabis production and quality. Wyatt has years of experience in all things cannabis from seed to sale while specializing in cultivation.
Over the last year cozy has had success in NFTs, sharing his trades on Twitter and becoming a well-known voice in the space.

Jano, Marketing Advisor & WhitePaper Author

Exploring crypto since 2017 and NFTs since 2020, Jano brings years of experience from his work as a public sector policymaker, political advisor, and communications coach. Beyond his focus on CryptoGrow's to-market strategy, Jano provides additional support developing talking points, copy, and partnerships for the project.

Ben Jammin, web3 Advisor

Ben Jammin has been in crypto since 2016 and NFTs since 2017. He has experience with web design, data analysis and product management. He’s successfully helped over 10 NFT projects launch and currently works as a Web 3 advisor and NFT Trader.

Josh Wagner, web3 Advisor

Wags has helped brands in both traditional and digital spaces to reach new heights, and is fluent in all-things tokens, NFTs and Web3.

Wilson Birney, Lead Full Stack Engineer

Has 18 years experience running international dev teams for major hardware developers including Siemens and DuPont. The only thing Wilson knows better than C++ is Weed++.

Paul Curtin, Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer with 6 years of professional design experience. Passionate about generating eloquent solutions to challenging design problems. Proven track record of guiding small dynamic teams.

Mathew McClain, PCB and Prototype Engineer

Mathew is an expert of 20 years specializing in electronics and embedded programming. His expertise includes numerous projects involving the design and implementation of custom firmware and micro-controllers. He applies deep technical knowledge to develop innovative concepts throughout the electrical engineering field, enabling the products he works on to function optimally, efficiently, and effectively.

Kendal Toerner, Industrial Design Engineer

Kendall has worked for six design teams large and small (including Oculus VR/Facebook in Seattle and Whipsaw in Silicon Valley) over three years, and for a mechanical engineering company for three and a half years before that. He holds three patents and an international design award (Red Dot: Best of the Best, in Travel).

Austin Williams, Software Engineer

Austin enjoys researching and experimenting with cutting-edge technologies to find ways to make them better, and using these technologies to enhance others. He is a proficient in many full-stack web technologies and is ready to change how blockchain implemented.

Lobesy, Director of Vibes

Just a mfer in a world of cartoon and pixelated jpegs. Known for spaces and thinking I’m funny. Resident Boomer. Daddy issues.

Melissandria, Community Manager

Cannabis enthusiast, advocate, home grower and full time medical cannabis industry worker. Vibing with the community who all share the same love & passion for our favorite plant.

Grant "Goody" Franklin, PR Strategist

Goody joined the app boom in Silicon Valley as his first foray into the tech space as a startup founder. After working for several startups, both product and applications, Grant escaped to the mountains to reconnect with nature for a time. He dove into NFTs early 2021 applying his skills to web3. Since then, he has projects launched, contracts developed, and become an accomplished storyteller for others in web3

Josh White, Social

A California based creative. Cannabis and web3 community builder. He can always be found on Twitter spaces ensuring you have a smoke buddy.

JRAM, Head Mod

Loves cannabis, how it helps you become contemplative and appreciate the small things. Web3 has helped Jram connect with like-minded people, bringing him closer to people & growers from around the world.

Highest Odds, Collab Manager

Cannabis and Crypto enthusiast. Enjoys onboarding friends into both of these spaces and looks forward to combining the two. Let’s GROW!!! @Highest_Odds

Kendall Toerner, Design

Kendall is the co-founder and Director of Industrial Designer at Offset. Defined by curiosity, Kendall designs first through principles, creating without assuming, and cross pollinating ideas.


Hugo Fournier, Art Director

3D Artist in Paris.

Oliver Permut, Creative

Oliver handles all aspects of brand strategy, marketing and advertising across the entertainment, hospitality, and wellness spaces – with specific expertise in Web3. He prefers an indica dominant hybrid when seeking a little inspiration.

Jonathan Dunsmoor

Cannabis & Securities Law

Stephan Holmquist

Contract Law

Jim Remenick

Intellectual Property (IP) Law
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