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Manage your Grow on the Go -- Our free mobile control app for Android and iOS.
The CryptoGrow mobile app links directly with your Pod, automatically optimizing your growing conditions and allowing you to adjust the ecosystem wherever you may be.
It also is crypto-enabled, making it home to our free educational system, Grow University, and native E-Commerce Store!
Do you want to grow weed but don't have a green thumb? Away from home too often to keep your plants alive? Or do you just love control?
The CryptoGrow App automatically senses your plants growth stage and optimizes ecosystem conditions to maximize the quality and quantity of your harvest, allowing anyone to grow premium cannabis at the touch of a button and control their grow on the go!
Simply link your CryptoGrow Pod and Grow NFT via our Mobile App to get started adjusting conditions like air temperature and humidity, soil hydration and aeration, and lighting intensity and frequency wherever you may be.
Take the time, energy, and doubt out of your cannabis growing experience; start growing with guided support and remote access 24/7.
Are you a constant team player? Someone who wants sustainable rewards for proactive engagement? Or dream of growing your own premium cannabis cost-free?
Our Grow-To-Earn tokernomics have been intricately designed to reward our community with $HRVST tokens in exchange for their growing engagement. We designed $HRVST yield to help cover the cost of inputs like soil, nutrients, and electricity.
With an ever-expanding list of ways to Grow -- like watching educational videos on Grow University, reaching milestones in your plant's growth, and supporting our community as part of our Hows it Growing team -- there's a way for anyone to grow how they want, when they want, and earn rewards while doing it!
Take control of your Growth and join us as we revolutionize corporate finance to put rewarding users at the center of our business model.
Weary of useless rewards tokens? Interested in affordable merchandise and growing materials? Or just love online shopping?
The CryptoGrow Mobile App is crypto-enabled, meaning you can link your blockchain wallet and purchase physical and virtual merchandise with $HRVST directly from your phone!
All store vendors will be vetted by our community and will have to financially back the $HRVST token to access our platform, stabilizing its value and making their products cheaper for consumers like you.
Buy vetted products cheaper than anywhere else, knowing you're using a store built by cannabis users, for cannabis users.
The App
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