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Setup & Mobile Monitoring

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use the CryptoGrow mobile control app to monitor your grow on the go, ensuring seamless and optimized growing conditions wherever you may be.


Your journey all starts with the CryptoGrow Mobile App, where you link your Pod and Grow NFT to unlock $HRVST rewards and start your optimized growing experience!

Once connected, you'll be prompted with five simple questions. The app uses your answers to these questions to automatically optimize growing conditions throughout the lifecycle of your plant, ensuring maximum yield at minimum effort!

  1. Are you growing from Seed or Clone?

  2. Is your grow Natural or Autoflower?

  3. What Strain are you growing?

  4. If a Clone, how old is your plant?

  5. What Soil Medium are you using?

Ecosystem Optimization

Automated Ecosystem Controls

We designed The CryptoGrow Pod to automatically set growing conditions based on your plant's genes, age, and soil to optimize the quality and quantity of your final product!

Adjustable Conditions Include:

  • Lighting Control -- intensity, scheduling, and toggle on/off

  • Humidity Generation -- adjust with +/-10% accuracy using 1.7mhz disks

  • Temperature Control -- measure and adjust with +/- 1 degree C accuracy

  • Water Maintenance -- measure tank fill with +/- 2% accuracy, adjust release, and aerate

  • Airflow -- control base fan airflow and dual intake/exhaust activated carbon filters

Custom System Controls

Want to push your plant to its limits? Adjust growing conditions for an experiment? Grow something other than cannabis?

The sky is the limit with CryptoGrow App in your hands, allowing you to adjust all automated growing conditions on the go, at the touch of a button.

Unlock Grow-To-Earn

The CryptoGrow App is an integral component in our Grow-To-Earn ecosystem, serving as the core link between your Pod and Grow NFT.

Learn more about our rewards system on our Grow-To-Earn page.

Access E-Commerce

Our Mobile App is also the primary way to access the CryptoGrow E-Commerce Store, where you can exchange $HRVST tokens for fully-vetted physical and virtual merchandise!

Learn more about our rewards system on our E-Commerce page.

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