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Where the magic happens -- Get high on your own supply (for free). Cannabis 2.0 for Web 3.0
The CryptoGrow Pod is our genesis product, bringing premium cannabis growth into your home with an automated internal ecosystem, individually optimized growing conditions, and a sculptural display you'll be proud to showcase.
Do you want to grow weed but don't have the time? Are you intimidated by all the stages? Or just tired of growing mediocre weed every time you try?
We designed The CryptoGrow Pod to automatically set growing conditions based on your plant's genes, age, and soil to optimize the quality and quantity of your final product. These conditions will automatically adjust as your plant grows:
  • Soil content, hydration, and aeration
  • Air temperature, humidity, and circulation
  • Water release rate and quantity
  • Light intensity, and cycling
The expert and adventurous can also adjust conditions manually from our Mobile App!
Tired of not knowing where your weed came from, what went into it, or if its "lab tests" are legitimate?
With the CryptoGrow Pod, you'll know what's going into your cannabis -- and into your body -- at every step of the process.
Watch your cannabis grow knowing that only the highest quality organic soil and nutrients were used, that the water was pure and the plant unexposed to pesticides, and that your chamber is built with the highest quality materials available.
Bring peace of mind to your cannabis routine and enjoy true relaxation.
Are you frustrated by the increasing cost of cannabis? Worried about the affordability of medicinal marijuana? Or do you just wish you could get high cost-free?
CryptoGrow is proud to revolutionize cannabis affordability by combining high-efficiency growing conditions and Grow-To-Earn Tokenomics. How?
  • Americans pay an average of $265 per ounce of marijuana
  • The CryptoGrow Pod yields an average of 1.5 - 3 ounces of marijuana every 15 weeks
  • Our Grow-To-Earn tokenomics is designed to yield enough $HRVST to pay for all grow inputs, including soil, nutrients, and carbon filters
  • Together, this means it takes the average user less than three grows -- less than a year -- to be growing cost-free weed!
Pre-order the CryptoGrow Pod and get ready to experience the financial power of Growing Together.
The Pod
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