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After just growing just three plants with the CryptoGrow Pod, the average user will have covered their purchase cost and will be growing 100% cost-free weed!

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Pod & NFT Cost

The CryptoGrow Pod is pre-ordered by purchasing one of our Grow NFTs (buy it here on premint.xyz)!

Pod Cost

On public minting day, buying the CryptoGrow Pod (that is, pre-ordering a Pod by minting a Burn NFT) will cost $1399.

Though the mint will be conducted in ETH, we have a set USD purchasing price due to the established costs of manufacturing and delivering the Pods, as well as the 4 years of overhead that have gone into its research and development.

NFT Cost

Our other NFTs, the Avatar NFT and Grow NFT, are airdrops provided to our holders over time and serving variable functions.

This means that continued participation in our ecosystem via these key NFTs is not dependent on any future purchases!

Cost to Grow

There are a few key costs to run your CryptoGrow Pod: Soil and Nutrients, Carbon Filters, Electricity, and plant We call these your "grow inputs".

Input Costs

Per plant grown, we estimate these inputs will cost $70 - $85.

While our Burn NFT / Pod cost is constant for all public minters, the price to grow can vary significantly depending on your location, the quality and quantity of materials you purchase, and the variable supply chains on which these materials rely.

Return on Investment

CryptoGrow is proud to revolutionize cannabis affordability by combining high-efficiency growing conditions and Grow-To-Earn Tokenomics. For the first time, we make cost-free weed possible.

"Pure ROI"

For the average user, it will take less than a year to grow enough weed to pay-off the cost of a CryptoGrow Pod, and to cover the cost of growing inputs via $HRVST rewards.

Once you reach this point, after just three grows, you'll have attained what we call "Pure ROI". You're growing 100% free premium cannabis.

How is this possible?

  1. Americans pay an average of $265 per ounce of marijuana

  2. The CryptoGrow Pod yields an average of 1.5 - 3 ounces of marijuana every 15 weeks

  3. Our Grow-To-Earn $HRVST rewards are designed to yield enough $HRVST to help cover the cost to grow (estimated above as $70- $85 per grow).

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