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What is Grow-To-Earn?

The CryptoGrow Grow-To-Earn rewards system is our way of putting users front and center. We reward all users in the form of $HRVST for their various forms of Growth, from growing cannabis in their Pod to growing their knowledge with Grow University.

However you want to Grow, $HRVST is here to make sure you earn while doing it!

What is Pure ROI?

We want premium, safely-sourced cannabis to be as accessible as possible, so we're doing everything in our power to cut down starting costs -- going so far as to make it possible to grow 100% cost-free weed!

Cost to Grow

CryptoGrow is proud to revolutionize cannabis affordability by combining high-efficiency growing conditions and Grow-To-Earn Tokenomics. How?

  • Americans pay an average of $265 per ounce of marijuana

  • The CryptoGrow Pod yields an average of 1.5 - 3 ounces of marijuana every 15 weeks

This means it takes only three grows, less than a year, for the average user to make back their investment in the CryptoGrow Pod!

Covering your Costs

Not only does your machine pay for itself after just three grow cycles by delivering high-yield cannabis at a fraction of the nationwide average cost, our Grow-To-Earn system is also designed to emit tokens at a rate that could fully cover your growing costs!

We designed $HRVST yield to cover the cost of inputs like soil, nutrients, and electricity.

Ways to Earn

We know not everyone wants or needs to Grow in the same way. That's why we'll launch Grow-To-Earn with a variety of ways to Grow, enabling anyone to do what they were already going to do and earn rewards tokens while doing it!

The first and easiest way to earn the CryptoGrow rewards token, $HRVST, is to simply activate your Grow NFT!

When you use the CryptoGrow App to link your Grow NFT and Pod, you immediately activate your base passive yield of $HRVST! The more Grow NFTs you hold, the more you can earn through this method.

This stream of tokens, emitted directly by your Grow NFT, is us compensating you for your participation -- your investment -- your belief in us.

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