๐ŸššManufacturing & Delivery

Manufacturing and Delivery costs are included in (Burn NFT) minting price. All manufacturing is completed in North America and delivery will be available across the Continental United States!


To date, CryptoGrow has raised nearly $1 million in seed funding to properly engineer our technology, source our supply chain, and establish vital manufacturing partnerships. By minting a Burn NFT and pre-ordering your CryptoGrow Pod, you're helping to launch the future of user-centered business and at-home cannabis growth!

Benchmark, Our Global Contract Manufacturer

Together, Benchmark and CryptoGrow have successfully sourced a reliable supply chain for all manufacturing components, produced fully-functional CryptoGrow Pods for beta testing and public exhibition, and established their mutual to-market production and distribution strategy.

What is Benchmark?

Benchmark Electronics Inc is an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) company based in Tempe, Arizona in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Why Benchmark?

It is vital for our manufacturing partner to have a long history of building complex products for cost-efficient and fully-scaled distribution.

Benchmark processes over $2 Billion Dollars in annual revenue through their manufacturing for the global aerospace, complex industrial and high performance computing markets. Their unparalleled experience ensures we can live up to our community's confidence in the quality production and delivery of our premium products.

Where does Benchmark Operate?

Though all CryptoGrow manufacturing occurs in North America, Benchmark Electronics has operations in eight countries and has 24 sites. These sites include production bases in Almelo, Netherlands; Angleton, TX; Bangkok, Thailand; Brasov, Romania; Guadalajara, Mexico; Tempe, Arizona; Tijuana, Mexico; Huntsville, AL; Penang, Malaysia; Nashua, NH; Singapore; Suzhou, China; Winona, MN; and Rochester, MN.

Craig Hoffart, COO & Manufacturing Specialist

Craig Hoart brings nearly 30 years of publicly traded, private and private equity owned, business management experience to the CryptoGrow team, advising and overseeing the company's manufacturing from start to finish.

An Introduction To Craig:

Craig held executive roles for (3) prominent contract manufacturers, successfully managing P/Ls from $50M-$450M and providing engineering, manufacturing and supply chain solutions on a global scale. This work constitutes nearly 30 years of publicly traded, private and private equity owned, business management experience

His influential strategies utilize Balance Score Cards with Key Performance Metric playbooks to ensure internal and external organizations remain focused on what is important in satisfying the customer and maximizing ownership. Over his career, he has successfully grown and supported hundreds of manufactured products from new product introduction to full scale market integration.

Craig Brings Expertise In:

  • Strategic Planning & Growth

  • Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategies

  • Pre/Post Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Lean methodologies

  • Continuous improvement initiatives

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Capacity & Resource Planning

  • Succession Management

  • Compliance & Regulatory

  • Technology Road Mapping

  • Systems & Engineering

Key Details
  • All CryptoGrow Pod manufacturing is completed in North America;

  • All component supply chains are affirmatively sourced;

  • All inorganic components, except the carbon filters, are rated for 3+ years of use;


Key Details
  • Shipping & Handling costs are included in the Burn NFT minting price;

  • Delivery is available exclusively within the Continental United States;

  • Once your shipping information has been entered, it is final and cannot be adjusted;

  • All CryptoGrow Pod deliveries will include complementary grow kit!

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