The DeFi

CryptoGrow's DeFi Engine is intricately designed to increase the community treasury and maximize community token rewards over time.
With our innovative DeFi Engine, we're realizing our dream of making premium cannabis accessible and affordable to all whilst developing a rewarding and valuable ecosystem for everyone involved.
Are you frustrated by a lack of consumer respect in traditional corporate finance? Jaded by unaligned incentives that always leave the little guy behind? Or dream of growing together?
In conventional finance, Users, Investors, and Vendors work independently and incompatibly. At CryptoGrow, our DeFi Engine has been carefully crafted to take full advantage of the latest innovations in web3, DeFi, and NFTs -- aligning the interests of all our financial stakeholders and opening the doors to unparalleled capital efficiency.
  • Users are rewarded with $HRVST for their continued product use and engagement;
  • Vendors are required to buy and stake $HRVST to access our E-Commerce Store, thereby supporting $HRVST's valuation and aligning the interests of vendors with CryptoGrow's,
  • Investors provide initial $HRVST and DEX liquidity and stabilize token price through various forms of arbitrage.
Cumulatively, this alignment means we can continuously incentivize product use, grow our community treasury, and provide a stream of sustainable value to users.
Are you a proactive community member disenchanted by arbitrary rewards systems? Tired of narrow definitions of "engagement"? Or just looking to maximize the cost efficiency of your cannabis growth?
Our Grow-To-Earn "Tokernomics" provides a variety of ways to earn $HRVST tokens for your engagement, creating an ecosystem that rewards users for all sorts of value-adding engagement. Whether you want to grow weed, learn at Grow University, rarity farm your Avatar NFT, or support other users, CryptoGrow will reward you for your time and effort.
We emphatically believe users are the backbone of any company's success, and it is high time that core value was rewarded with commensurate returns.
Join us at CryptoGrow and discover the satisfaction of finally getting what you've earned.
Are you fed up with stagnant DeFi growth models? Interested in an ecosystem that prioritizes treasury growth and community rewards? Or maybe looking for a long-term investment?
CryptoGrow's DeFi Engine is designed to deliver sustainable positive growth and a predictable yield curve via our uniquely powerful positive feedback loops.
The symbiotic incentives of Investors, Vendors, and Users, combined with our risk-adjusted treasury management plan built on a foundation of USDC/stablecoin yield, limits our exposure to market volatility, allows us to sustain a predictable yield curve, and continuously seeds our Community Treasury.
We've been working on CryptoGrow's hardware and DeFi for over 4 years, creating a sustainable growth model that will bring our ecosystem to the forefront of web3 technology.

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