Once you've started earning our rewards token, $HRVST, you can exchange them in our E-Commerce Store for soil, nutrients, wearables, and other exciting merchandise!

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Every CryptoGrow Pod comes delivered with a free GrowKit, a startup kit designed to include everything you need for your first grow!

Every GrowKit includes:

  • Soil Medium

  • Rockwool

  • Activated Carbon Filters (intake and exhaust)

  • Nutrients

  • PH Kit (test drops and liquid PH +-)

Vendor Review

Our community will vet our vendors, via application process. We will only partner with the best of the best. Vendors will be required to stake $HRVST.

As CryptoGrow's tokenomic ecosystem grows, we'll get to work incorporating new, cannabis and web3 adjacent merchandise from partner Vendors. We already have a waiting list, and will be sure to vet all future Vendors through a community review process to be sure only the best and most widely desired products enter our marketplace.

Stay tuned to learn more about the innovations we're making in vendor management...

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