Our Patents

The CryptoGrow Pod was designed, built, and manufactured over the course of 4 years by an innovative group of engineers based out of the Western United States.

Design Patent

(App. No. 29/599,667 US) Issued in July 2018

Non-provisional Utility Patent with 20 Claims

(App. No. 15/938112, (62/482,057).US) Issued in May 2021

Continuation-in-part Utility Patent

(App. No. 17/313155, (15/938,112) (62/482,057). US) Application pending, filed in May 2021

Proprietary Personal Circuit Boards (PCB)

Primary logic board, LED driver board, UART base control board, laser control board, atomizer board, Wi-Fi antenna board, and soil moisture control board

Proprietary Firmware for Control Boards

11,000+ lines of optimized code copyright