CryptoGrow has partnered with NiftyKit, web3's leading custom smart contract developing service, to produce our high-quality, secure, living NFTs alongside our in-house developers.

NiftyKit empowers creators, artists, brands and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build community through NFTs, and is bringing its years of industry experience to CryptoGrow.

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NiftyKit is a first-of-its-kind no-code NFT launchpad that allows people to easily create, manage, and sell NFT's on their own custom smart contracts. They provide true ownership of smart contracts and NFT's through tools that are easy to use, accessible, and affordable.

They empower creators, artists, brands, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build their communities through NFT's and custom smart contracts. NiftyKit wants to usher an era of limitless artistic exploration at a fraction of the cost and save time doing it.


DropKit is NiftyKit's flagship tool to help creators with their generative drops and 10K projects. We feature a simple interface that helps you create contracts, upload your assets and launch when ready.

The best part? Each DropKit NFT is lazy minted, so gas fees are passed on to the collectors. DropKit is best for creators and teams doing larger (eg. 100-10,000) drops. Learn more

DropKit offers creators the chance to mint unlimited NFT's, create allowlists, set placeholders for their assets, control their metadata, airdrop NFT's, save gas with ERC-721A, and lots more!


Blockchains may be resistant to attacks, but smart contracts are not. A smart contract audit is essential to maximize safety protocols in place. An audit usually exposes any blind spots (be it technical, code-related vulnerabilities, or human error) in the system.

NiftyKit, and by extension CryptoGrow, has partnered with ChainSafe to conduct these world-class security audits to ensure the continued safety of our users, investors, and vendors.

ChainSafe (Auditing Partner)

ChainSafe is a world-renowned blockchain firm that offers services among various peripheral web3 operations such as scalability solutions, blockchain implementations, smart contract audits, smart contract engineering, dApp & tooling development, solutions research, software maintenance, and more.

ChainSafe also operates within different sections of the digital landscape, such as distributed storage, digital asset management, and digital asset transfer, among others. They host a web3.js library, gaming SDKs, private (decentralized) file storage systems, and are also building ChainBridge, a cross-chain blockchain bridge.

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