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CryptoGrow is a web3-native tech company aiming to disrupt emerging markets, bridging cutting-edge hardware and DeFi systems with established success.
Our genesis product, the CryptoGrow Pod, is a web3-integrated cannabis growing machine that allows anyone to easily and affordably grow premium cannabis in their home.
The Pod automatically adjusts its internal ecosystem (lighting, temperature, humidity, hydration, airflow, etc.) to maximize the quality and quantity of your cannabis harvest.
At CryptoGrow, we're all about Growing. Growing weed; Growing knowledge; Growing together. However you'd like to Grow, our Grow-To-Earn tokenomics system is designed to reward you with $HRVST tokens for your engagement!
Our ecosystem is designed to maximize ROI for users, making it possible to grow 100% Cost-Free premium cannabis after less than a year of use (just three successful grows)!
Not only is it possible to grow literal free cannabis using the CryptoGrow Pod and Grow-To-Earn tokenomics, we're also donating a portion of our revenue to the Last Prisoner Project to help free those unjustly incarcerated for cannabis possession in the U.S.
Mint date: October 19th, 2022 Public Mint Price: $1399 USDC in eth value the day of mint Greenlist Mint Price: $1199 USDC in eth value the day of mint
After 4 years of engineering and planning, we're finally ready to launch the CryptoGrow ecosystem. That starts with pre-ordering the CryptoGrow Pod by minting a Burn NFT.

The CryptoGrow Pod

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The Pod
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CryptoGrow Pods at NFT LA
Full Pod rendering, used in our Dynamic NFTs
Close-ups of the CryptoGrow Pod

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