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Table of Contents


wen mint?
How many CryptoGrow Burn NFTs are in the collection?
What comes with a CryptoGrow Burn NFT?
What is the CryptoGrow Burn NFT price?
How do I join the Greenlist?
What does the Control App do?
What tokens do holders earn?
What is Grow-to-Earn?
What charity receives a portion of mint proceeds?

Getting Started

What do I need to get started?


What NFTs are in the CryptoGrow Ecosystem?
What is a CryptoGrow "Burn" NFT?
What is an "Avatar" NFT?
What is a "Grow" NFT?
Can I buy just the system & not the NFT?


How much does one grow yield?
How long does a grow cycle take?
Can I use seeds or clones?
How does the system know to set certain environmental controls?
What size are the systems?
How big is the grow chamber?
What kind of lights does the CryptoGrow Pod use?
What are the environmental controls of the system?
How do you control proximity heat?
Will it make my house smell like weed?
Is there video of a test grow?
Where can I purchase grow supplies?
How often do I refill the water?


Are the units manufactured yet?
Have you tested the machines?
Have other people tested the units?
How long is the warranty?
What happens if the system breaks?
Where are the units manufactured?


When does the hardware ship?
Is there international shipping?
How much is shipping?
I want this but live overseas, what can I do?


What kind of future products will CryptoGrow produce?
What's included in the GrowKit?
Do I need to purchase the GrowKit?
Can I use my own soil/nutrients?
Do you sell seeds/clones?
What purchase options are available in the marketplace?

Control App

Is the Control App available on iOS and Android?
How does the app connect to the hardware?
How does the Grow NFT link to the app?
How does the app know which NFT I have?
Can I use multiple CryptoGrow Pods on one app?
Can I change the environment from the apps recommended settings?


What is $HRVST?
Is $HRVST a transferrable token?
What is $TRIM?
Where can I stake $HRVST?
Can I purchase tokens without having a CryptoGrow NFT?
What is "Pure ROI"?
I live in a state where cannabis is illegal, can I receive a CryptoGrow Pod?
How is CryptoGrow cannabis-adjacent?
What patents does CryptoGrow have?
Do I own the IP to my CryptoGrow NFTs?
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