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Table of Contents


September. Get ready to grow.
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    Physical Hardware - CryptoGrow Pod & GrowKit
  2. 2.
    Control App - iPhone & Android
  3. 3.
    Grow-to-Earn via in-app rewards program
  4. 4.
    Avatar NFT - Airdropped
  5. 5.
    $HRVST Tokens
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
    Grow NFT - Airdropped
  8. 8.
    IRL Events
Public pricing is 1,399 USDC and Greenlist is 1,199 USDC. These will be converted to ETH the day of mint. Estimated public price is around .75 ETH.
We will be selecting 2000 users for the Greenlist through our PREMINT page! Sign up here: https://www.premint.xyz/cryptogrow/
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    Control of the automated chamber environment
  2. 2.
    On-the-go monitoring of your plant
  3. 3.
    Sends alerts when user action is needed
  4. 4.
    WalletConnect and allows the user to earn crypto
  5. 5.
    E-Commerce store - Grow products, merch & more
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    Grow University
$HRVST is earned from growing, learning & activating your Grow NFT, $TRIM is earned by staking.
The CryptoGrow Grow-To-Earn rewards system is our way of putting users front and center. We reward all users in the form of $HRVST for their various forms of Growth, from growing cannabis in their Pod to growing their knowledge with Grow University.
The Last Prisoner Project is the primary beneficiary of CryptoGrow's charitable work.

Getting Started

Wifi, a smart phone & room to grow! We provide one GrowKit which includes everything needed to start your grow outside of a seed or clone. For now, just mint our Burn NFT.


  1. 1.
    Burn NFT - Minting in September
  2. 2.
    Avatar NFT - Airdropped to Burn NFT holders
  3. 3.
    Grow NFT - Free to claim for Burn NFT holders
The Burn NFT is effectively a pre-order slip for our genesis product, the CryptoGrow Pod! In addition, holders of our Burn NFT are airdropped an Avatar NFT.
Alongside the early access to CryptoGrow's community, the Avatar NFT will serve as the core of our web3 presence and as a profile picture anchor across social media platforms. Holders will receive E-Commerce discounts & the ability to earn $HRVST.
A free to claim for all Burn NFT holders alongside the CryptoGrow Pod. Simply exchange your Burn NFT + shipping information! The Grow NFT directly emits $HRVST tokens to holders.
No, we are only releasing CryptoGrow Pods in the web3 space as of now.


Our average test grow yields 2.1 ounces. We expect 1.5-3 ounces per grow depending on user experience.
This depends on the type of strain along with if you started via seed or clone. The average estimates to 15 weeks per cycle.
You answer five questions from a drop down menu on the control app and we handle the rest. This is enough information for our database to set the recipe for your grow, seed so smoke.
42” height by 21” outside diameter.
34” height by 20” diameter.
We have 60 degree optics and a diffuser on our 110 true watt (ie output) full spectrum 2x COB (chip on board) CREE LED.
Temperature, humidity, constant air flow, air intake filtration, tank aeration and soil moisture control.
To control proximity heat we locked in the LEDs airspace with the diffuser and we positioned our air inlets/chamber fan to pull the remaining radiant heat out of the top of the chamber. We call it “Smart Spacial Design”. It’s included in the patent language.
No, the CryptoGrow Pod uses Activated Carbon Filters to minimize cannabis aroma.
Yes, it's available in our discord.
Our in-app E-Commerce Store!
Every 7-10 days, the app notifies you when this is necessary.


All research & development is done along with working prototypes, however the public units are not manufactured yet. We will use a portion of mint proceeds to manufacture the units with Benchmark Electronics, a global contract manufacturer. This is being overseen by Craig Hoffart, our COO.
Yes, we have tested our prototypes. Our last test grow was streamed online via a live time-lapse with a raspberry pi (small cpu with wifi capability) to take images every few minutes for the entirety of the grow. The website was always live.
No, our units have been tested in-house primarily by Jesse & our team of engineers.
We will warranty the systems for at least one year. There is a chance this is a longer manufacturer warranty through Benchmark Electronics, however we won’t know the exact terms until further in our manufacturing process.
If the system breaks because of a defective part we will exchange it for you. As with the warranty, these details won't be available until further along in the manufacturing process.
All CryptoGrow Pod manufacturing is completed in North America.


The physical CryptoGrow Pods are expected to ship early 2023. We will update as this progresses.
As of now we are not promising international delivery.
$0, Shipping is included with the mint of your CryptoGrow Burn NFT.
Those who mint our CryptoGrow Burn NFT are the only ones guaranteed an Avatar NFT which will be airdropped to all Burn NFT holders. Avatar NFT holders will have guaranteed & discounted access to all future products & drops which we expect to be available overseas.


We will continue to invent & release hardware tech related to cannabis & the overall agricultural space. CryptoGrow also plans to bring hardware tech outside of the agriculture industry into web3 and our ecosystem.
  • PH Kit (test drops and liquid PH +-)
  • Nutrients
  • Activated Carbon Filters (intake and exhaust)
  • Rockwool
  • Soil Medium
One GrowKit comes with your CryptoGrow Pod. Replacement GrowKits & partner products will be available for purchase in our E-Commerce Store with $HRVST.
Absolutely! We welcome growers who want to use their preferred mediums.
No, we are a cannabis adjacent company but will have vendor partners to help source these items.
GrowKits, growing supplies, partner products, merch & more.

Control App

Through your local wifi.
The CryptoGrow Pod and Grow NFT are designed to be linked on a 1-to-1 basis, meaning users will need one NFT per Pod. They connect through our control app.


$HRVST is our native ERC-20 rewards token, providing a fee-free stream of value directly to CryptoGrow users in exchange for their time, support, and engagement. It is a transferrable token.
$TRIM is a nontransferable token that can only be earned by staking your $HRVST. There's a lot that goes into making $TRIM staking sustainable and functional. We plan to publicly release more details after our Burn NFTs are minted.
$HRVST can be staked either directly with the CryptoGrow Staking Contract or through a decentralized exchange's Liquidity Pool.
Absolutely! Check out The DeFi for more information.
Our Grow-To-Earn system is designed to emit tokens at a rate that could fully cover your growing costs!
Yes! CryptoGrow Pods are a cannabis-adjacent product so we can ship to every state in the domestic US.
While our system, app & firmware are programmed to optimize cannabis cultivation, CryptoGrow does not touch seeds, clones or cannabis as a company. This allows us to ship across the US.
Check out our patent info here Our Patents
We are still working through this & will update the community when a final decision is made.