The NFTs

Read on below to learn about how CryptoGrow's three NFTs, how they fit together, and how you can be a part of our growing ecosystem.
From managing our physical supply chain to emitting rewards tokens for engagement, CryptoGrow's NFTs come together to offer a seamless user experience and an ecosystem optimized for stable growth.
Are you disillusioned by NFT technology never being utilized to its full potential? Looking to tell your friends about high-value use cases? Or just sick of losing your place in line?
Each Burn NFT acts as a pre-order slip for a CryptoGrow Pod, leveraging NFTs' innate supply chain management strengths to track user purchases, partner IP affiliations, and manage manufacturing and delivery.
When the time comes, holders will enter their delivery information and burn their Burn NFT to redeem their Pod! Holders can redeem one Pod for every Burn NFT they hold.
Beyond claiming a CryptoGrow Pod, holders of our Burn NFT will also gain access to airdrops of our Avatar NFT and Grow NFT!
Are you sick of arbitrary and random rarity distributions? Bored of the repetitive and stagnant pfp meta? Or just looking to finally get real ROI from your pfps?
Our Avatar NFT is a living, Dynamic NFT that revolutionizes the profile picture meta. It serves as your virtual and IRL community access pass, social identity, E-Commerce Store variable discount coupon, and $HRVST token farming system!
At a TBD time after mint, all holders of our Burn NFT will be airdropped a free Avatar Key NFT -- one for each Burn NFT in their wallet.
Are you financially burdened by inefficient token fees? Enamored by Dynamic 3D models? Or just interested in earning rewards for growing your own weed?
Our Grow NFT is a Living, Dynamic NFT that uses the CryptoGrow Pod's internal sensors to model your irl plant and grow as alongside it. The Grow NFT links to your Pod via our Mobile App, directly emitting $HRVST token rewards in exchange for your engagement in our Grow-To-Earn ecosystem.
All those who burn their Burn NFT to redeem their CryptoGrow Pod will be airdropped a Grow NFT, alongside an initial stipend of $HRVST tokens.
Burn NFT
Avatar NFT
Grow NFT
WIND -- One of Four elemental designs
Our Avatar NFT is designed to serve as your web3 social identity; a Living, Dynamic NFT that you can change the appearance of by purchasing, winning, or trading for Avatar Wearables through our native E-Commerce Store!
*The Avatar NFT's artwork has not yet been released.
The Grow NFT uses never-before-seen 3D cannabis modeling software, built from the trichome up over 4+ years, to present a Living, Dynamic NFT -- one that grows as your real life plant does!
*The Grow NFT's artwork has not yet been released.

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